How to get a natural-looking hair transplant?

In recent years, hair transplantation has become a highly popular procedure for those suffering from hair loss thanks to its permanent natural looking results. In hair transplant procedures, it is important to achieve natural results. Your doctor should analyse every case should be thoroughly for the most natural hair transplant results. In addition to that, it is important to consider the patient’s age, style, expectations, and facial structure during the consultation. It can also be useful to look at old photos when preparing the treatment plan.

Natural looking hair transplant: What to consider?

The natural look of a hair transplant is determined by the hairline. (For more information, read our article ‘Frontal hairline design‘.) It is important for the hairline to be in the right position, shape, distribution, and angle to match the existing hair. These factors should be taken into account in order to avoid unnatural results that are difficult to correct.

Moreover, it is recommended that the harvested grafts be implanted in a zigzag and somewhat irregular fashion at the frontline of the scalp. A very rigid and straight line should be avoided. This is because natural human hair is also irregular and asymmetrical. Another critical factor is the implantation of the grafts according to their structure. In order to replicate the natural look, single-stranded grafts with a thinner diameter should be used. Using single and thinner strands to emulate baby hair is the best way to achieve natural results. Thick, multiple grafts towards the back regions can be used to increase density.

Is the donor capacity important?

The estimated number of grafts to be harvested is determined according to the donor area’s capacity and according to the expectations of the patient. After the operation, the donor area should not look empty or patchy. In order to ensure that the outcome is natural, it is important to take into account that overharvesting of the donor area could result in a sparse appearance.

What techniques should be used to obtain a natural looking hair transplant?

During a hair transplantation operation, surgeons make very small incisions with microblades. Grafts are placed one by one into these incisions. These incisions and the surrounding tissue get healed in 10 days. During the healing process, the direction and angle of the hair may be altered if incisions are not made with blades that are the right size or made of the correct materials. At FKS Clinic, doctors use Sapphire blades and DHI pens which are the latest technology. 

Using the latest techniques and materials ensures less tissue damage and rapid healing.

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