Beard Mustache Transplant


Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Beard-Moustache Hair Transplant is the most characteristic features of men, which are located in the middle of the face, allowing to create different styles. That’s why it means at least as much as hair for men.

For What Reasons Can We Plan an Operation?

– Asymmetrical appearance that disturbs the patient

– Very rare due to hormonal and genetic causes

– Regional cavities due to wounds, burns and trauma

– Dermatological problems such as vitiligo, fungus, beard

– Gender reassignment procedures tools.

Each structure, approximately 0.8 mm in size harvested as a result of marking, is called Follicular Unit. These Follicular Units are collected with the help of forceps until they are transferred and taken to the cold environment where they can be fed.


Does Transplantation Benefit from Shedding Due to Dermatological and Autoimmune Diseases?

As FKS Clinic doctors, our priority is to always adhere to the rules of medical ethics. The first approach to such diseases should be to complete the treatment process by dermatologists. First of all, we plan face-to-face or video consultations for our patients who cannot respond to treatment. If enough time has passed, we can plan transplantation in beard-breakers that do not respond to antifungal, immunosuppressant or cortisone-containing drug treatments and remain stable.

Beard and Mustache Transplantation Operation Process

Beard and moustache transplantation are procedures similar to hair transplantation in terms of operation logic. First of all, suitable hair follicles are taken one by one with the Fue process; multiple grafts are not preferred for naturalness to be in the foreground. Grafts are placed in the recipient area with DHI or Sapphire FUE technique. The angle at which the grafts are placed is critical here; It should be as oblique as the natural beard direction, and its width and depth should be adjusted accordingly.


Can Hair and Beard Transplantation Operation Be Performed in the Same Session?

In your consultation with your doctor, the hair in the harvesting area, which we call the donor area, is evaluated. If the area that needs transplantation in hair and beard is not very large and your donor area is frequent and wide enough, Hair Transplant and Beard Transplant can plan two procedures in one session.

According to Dr Gizem Yarımbaş, one of the doctors of our clinic, “Beard and moustache transplantation is a sensitive operation that experienced teams should perform. Special operation planning should be done for each patient. After the roadmap is drawn up, we can safely complete your operations in one or two sessions. ”

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