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Istanbul, which has hosted the oldest and most important nations of the world, is one of the metropolises where you will be fascinated the moment you see it with its historical culture and natural beauties. At FKS Clinic Turkey, you can both visit Istanbul and have your treatment. So, this will be an incredible experience for you.


FKS Clinic, located near the Bosphorus

Turkish physicians, who have an important place in the science-health world with their experience in medicine and hair transplantation for the last 25 years, continue their leadership with the quality health services they provide to hair transplantation patients worldwide. As FKS Clinic doctors, we are pleased to contribute to developing this vision. Dr.Kuddusi, Dr.Sakir and Dr.Gizem are among the best doctors in hair transplantation. After all, you can start your new life at FKS Clinic. Our clinic is located near the Bosphorus, one of the unique beauties of the world.

After breakfast at your hotel, you can walk to our clinic right next to it. Your relatives can also wait in their hotels while you are in operation. And they can come back to the clinic whenever they want. Thus, your mind will not stay with your guests.

FKS Clinic cares about making our guests from abroad, feel special and safe in our beautiful country. For this, we provide you with a stay in a 5-star luxury hotel very close to our clinic, which is in one of the most decent districts of Istanbul..


Your transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic with our special VIP transport vehicles. As a result, It will be provided without delay. You will be away from worries with our luxury and comfortable transportation. Thus, you can experience the pleasure of meeting with Istanbul. When you choose the Turkey branch of FKS Clinic, we will be with you throughout your journey. You can be sure you have passed the whole process safely and comfortably.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

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