Why London?

Hair Transplantation in UK

FKS Clinic LTD is a health tourism company that brings the experience of hair transplant treatments from Turkey to London. We have partnered with CQS-approved clinics in London, where you can receive the best hair transplantation treatments without travelling to Turkey. The operations at these clinics are performed by doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

FKS Clinic LTD is a UK-based company registered with the Companies House; therefore your contract will be with a British company under English law. Please note that we are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK so we comply fully with data protection laws

Experienced Doctor and Team

We perform your Hair Transplant operations with experienced teams, just like in Turkey.  Before the procedure, you can do a face-to-face or video consultation with your doctor for free. So you can find answers to all your questions. Thus, you will be completely comfortable before the operation.

You don’t need to travel

Since you are not traveling, you can return to work earlier. Within our lifetime warranty, our doctors will personally carry out your follow-ups. You can contact us for hair transplantation in the UK with a lifetime aftercare service. So, whenever you want, you can come to our clinic for face-to-face interviews and controls. Our doctors will always be with you.

Free Consultation