Afro Hair Transplant

Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant

People of all races in the world face the problem of hair loss. The hair structure of individuals of African or Caribbean origin is more specific. In this type of patient, the structure of the grafts is curly, and the roots are curved in the shape of a C. All these differences require the application of hair transplantation by an experienced and professional team who has done many cases on this subject. Otherwise, it will be a waste of health and time. Then the hair reserve in the donor area may also be damaged. As a result, the patient will not have a chance to correct with the second transplantation. We have a number of patients who wants to Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant.


Operations Planning In Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant

The anterior hairline of African-American patients generally starts lower than that of Caucasians. With the influence of cultural tastes, they may want their front hair lines straight and without curves. Since the hair strands are curly, this front-line planning can achieve a natural look. As Fks Clinic physicians, who have all these experiences, our communication with the patient is vital, especially in the planning part.


FUE-Canal Opening-Plant Stages In Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant

Fue stage; In such patients, the number of hair follicles in the donor area is less than in the white race; however, the hair strand changes direction by curving as it moves under the skin. Since the practitioner cannot see the subcutaneous tissue in the micromotor intake system, it requires a great deal of experience to determine the direction correctly and remove it without damaging the grafts.
Channel stage; Since the grafts are variable in size, in the shape of the letter c and are more sensitive to trauma, opening channels of appropriate length and width affects the adhesion rate.

Transfer stage; In the last part of the operation, grafts are taken with the Fue procedure. They are placed in individual channels without damaging the grafts.

According to Gizem Yarımbaş, “Every doctor in our clinic has performed countless Afro operations. Our technicians also have more than ten years of experience. C-shaped grafts are no different from straight hair types for us. We owe this to our experience and discipline.”

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