Need-free Hair Transplant

Needle-less Hair Transplant is a great alternative to the conventional hair transplant procedures. A hair transplantation procedure can be daunting for those who are scared of needles, as it often involves an injection into the scalp for local anaesthesia. Persons with a fear of needles tend to avoid medical operations. Most people are afraid of being injected.

With the newly developed medical technologies, it is now possible to perform a hair transplant with local anaesthesia without needles. Thanks to the latest technology, it is possible to adiminister local anaesthesia with the help of special air pressure devices. 

How is the needle-free hair transplantation technique is applied for?
Needle-free hair transplantation is used with microsurgical techniques.

These techniques can be used in FUE technique and DHI too. In this method, local anesthesia is applied with a special device that is not needle at all. And the operation can be performed with a device called implanter or by laser techniques according to the preference of the person. In this way, patients who have hair loss problems and who want have a hair transplantation but afraid can benefit from this procedure due to the fear of needles.

From which healthy areas are the hair roots are taken ?
Healthy hair roots are usually taken from the back and side of the hair of the patient’s head, if there is no type of hairloss , such as DUPA hair loss , the hair of the back and side is resisting to a hair loss.The type of the hair loss called M-type hair loss, is insensitive to testosterone . In this case the hair roots in this part remain healthy .After the donor area is locally anesthetized by needle hair transplantation technique , healthy hair grafts are collected by the method of FUE or DHI . And then the needle is transferred to the sparsely localized areas by the hair transplantation technique.

What are the benefits of Needleless Hair Transplantation ?

The fear of needles is a type of phobia that is effective to cause fainting in some people. It causes the person to be worried during the hair transplant operation. Psychological aspects of the patient in addition to the sense of relaxation from the technical point of view are also useful. This include minimizing the risk of infection and pain . The patient can watch movies, read books or listen to music comfortably during the needleless hair transplate operation.

How is the healing time of the Needleless Hair Transplant?

The process is painless and faster healing. Because there is no needling or incision on the scalp. And then the scabs are less, the shock loss process is faster. In this process, the areas where the hair is planted should be protected from sunlight or excessive heat.

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