FKS Clinic is a leading health tourism company in the UK and Turkey, focused on hair transplantation. And it was also founded by doctors and guided by the principles of medical ethics.

Body health is one of the most important issues in the world. And also concept of body is sacred. All interventions to the body should be done by a doctor. We doctors are reminded of a saying throughout our entire medical education: ‘There is no disease, there is a patient.’ Each patient’s hairline design, planning, and technique are unique to that person. This can be achieved by listening to the person well. İn addition asking the right questions, using experiences actively and professional ethics are important. Our patients who decide to go on this journey with us will feel the power and expertise of Fks Clinic behind them from the operation until the recovery process is completed. Before or after the procedure, patients can contact us to ask questions at any time.

They worked in old and well-known hair transplant centres. Some of them are Memorial Hospital Group and Transmed Clinic. The founding partners that Dr.Kuddusi ONAY and Dr.Sakir Akdemir discovered the system’s needs. Years ago, they set out with a dream in the hair transplant market, where patients are treated as customers and selection is difficult. Currently, they continue to provide high-quality service to patients from more than 20 countries of the world, with the pride of realising this dream. FKS clinic takes care with patients directly, different from clinics without doctors.

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