Women Hair Transplant

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Female hair transplant is one of the treatments in our clinic. Female Pattern Hair Loss is the most common cause of hair loss in women. Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia.

Other important causes of hair loss in women are:

Genetic • predisposition • Autoimmune diseases • Hormonal changes • Medication use • Menopause • Pregnancy • Excessive stress • Heavy diet practices • Iron deficiency

The process causing androgenetic alopecia is similar in male and female pattern hair loss;

1- Progressive shrinkage of terminal (thick and dark) hair follicles (hair miniaturization),

2- terminal to vellus transformation (conversion of thick and dark terminal hairs to very thin and white hairs called vellus)

3- Shortening the hair growth cycle.

4- The last stage is the shedding stage.

5- Female pattern hair loss is quite different from male pattern hair loss. The loss of all hair in women is a rare condition. Usually, hair loss does not start from the hairline. It begins in a diffuse manner, mostly generalized in the middle of the head. Hair loss and hair thinning are mostly together.

At FKS Clinic, we also attach importance to female pattern hair loss. Dr Kuddusi ONAY, one of the doctors of our clinic, on female pattern hair loss:

“The most sensitive majority of my patients with Hair Loss are women. In particular, we had the chance to further advance the Unshaven Hair Transplantation for them. With the DHI Method, we enable them to regain their old, dense and healthy hair. ”

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