from USA • age 34 •  sapphire FUE • 4230 grafts • 12 months later  one session

Hello, my name is Munto Sejasumain. I’m 34 years old . I did the surgery two years ago over here in Istanbul. I would say being in the social work put me in a position that not losing confidence. So, I had to resort to this operation.

I would say, and here’s the result. I’m very happy with it. I just want to thank my doctors and this clinic for all the support they have given me and i wish you guys all the best

from Germany • age 34 •  sapphire FUE • 4000 grafts • 14 days later  one session

Hello friends, today is the fourteenth day of hair transplant. I feel great.I recommend this place to everyone.If you think your hair has lost its quality, you should definitely come here.

This place is perfect.

from Spain • age 34 •  sapphire FUE • 3500 grafts • 3 days later  one session

Hello, I recommend the clinic because they interested me very well they are professional people

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