Wound-Burn Hair Transplant

Wound-Burn Hair Transplant is one of the services in our clinic. Wounds and scar areas can remind people of bad memories such as previous traumas and surgeries. At the same time, it can create annoying images in the face integrity of the person by leaving empty areas in the hairy area, beard area and even the eyebrow area. Some of my patients ask us whether hair transplantation can be performed in these areas.

It is almost impossible to remove deep scars and scars. However, these areas can be closed by hair transplantation.

Wound Hair Transplant

If the wound areas are formed as a result of deep wounds and the scar tissue is organized, it should be known that the circulation of this area is wholly re-formed, and the circulation capacity of this new tissue may differ from person to person depending on the shape, size and depth of the wound. The most crucial issue in wound hair transplantation is the circulation capacity of the wound area. Because of the tissue compatibility of the transplanted grafts in hair transplantation, whether they can find life again and whether they can grow depends on the circulation and vascular capacity of this area. Determining the level of damage in this area is very important, and this issue can be understood by one-to-one inspection.

Circulation in scar scars is less than in other healthy tissue areas. Therefore, the efficiency of hair transplantation in this area is less than in other areas. Patients should accept this information and shape their expectations accordingly. In this regard, no guarantee can be given to the patient that all the roots will come out healthy. After the examination, the patients should be evaluated objectively, and the patient should be informed with all clarity. At this stage, the most crucial step is that the procedure is performed by specialist doctors. Wound-Burn Hair Transplantation

According to Dr Şakir Akdemir, one of the doctors of FKS Clinic:

“Before the operation to be performed on the wound sites, I would like to consult with the patient beforehand. The patient’s history determines the success rate. This is how I make the right decision before the operation and respond to the expectations of my patients.”

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