Unshaven Hair Transplant

Some of our patients are very shy about hair shaving. Among the main reasons for this situation, we can count the following:

• For most of our female patients, shortening their hair can be a traumatic experience.

• In hair transplantation, an unshaven transplant can be an excellent camouflage method in the healing process.

• People for whom cutting their hair would be a problem due to the nature of their job.

With DHI Hair Transplant, it is possible to have shaved or unshaven hair transplantation. Basically we have 4 different options:

1- Partial Shaving method, which we call American shaving, of only the donor area

2- Partial Shaving method, which we call shaving in the form of a strip of only the donor area

3- A completely unshaven session

4- A completely shaved recipient and donor area

We need to analyze these terms in detail. It is crucial for the patient to seek consultation from a qualified surgeon to determine if they are a good candidate for the unshaven hair transplant procedure. For example, if the patient has hair loss in a large area and requires an excessive amount of grafts (around 3,000-4,000 grafts), his hair will be completely shaved. The decision is usually made at the planning stage of the hair transplant process after the patient is examined by the doctor.

In patients who are suitable for Unshaven FUE, the doctor and the patient should decide together on the basic 2 options. Dr Kuddusi Onay, one of the founding doctors of FKS Clinic, shares her experiences in this regard as follows.

“During the one-on-one consultation with the patient before the operation, we offer the patient 2 options over the sample photographs. Some patients find shaving, also called American shaving, more suitable for them, and some patients choose strip shaving. Here, the patient and the doctor should make the right decision together.”

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