Frontal hairline design

The initial indications of male-pattern hair loss are receding hairline and temples. The problem can be permanently resolved by undergoing a hair transplant procedure with an appropriate hairline design.

In women, the front hairline disappears, which is known as a manifestation. A woman’s hairline standing further back is undesirable because it gives her a masculine appearance. Men who experience regression in their front hairline, especially at a young age, can feel demoralised. In these cases, an experienced and skilled surgeon can restore the front hairline in accordance with the person’s facial proportions and anatomical forehead structure.

Transplant techniques

In a hair transplant, the hairs are harvested from the donor area, which is between the ears at the back of the head. This procedure involves carefully harvesting the grafts and meticulously implanting them in the recipient area. At FKS Clinic, we perform hair transplant procedures using either FUE or DHI methods.

An area requiring a hair transplant can range from a 5-6 cm wide bald spot to a 0.5-1 cm narrow hairline recess. It is important to have high density when it comes to a hairline design. The surgical team repairs the hairline using single grafts in the front row to achieve a natural smooth look. You can see some good hair transplant results on our before and after page.

The only permanent solution for receding hairline

An effective solution to all hair loss problems, from thin temples to receding hairlines, is a hair transplant. It is possible to have a hair transplant for any required and desired area. 

It is important to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant. In order to determine that, the doctor will examine your hair to make sure that the hair loss issue is not temporary. Additionally, it is important to know whether the hair loss is progressive or stable and whether it is a result of underlying health issues.

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