How many hair grafts per square cm

How many hair graft per square cm is a frequently asked question, and there is conflicting information available. The patients who research hair transplants find out there are different techniques and varying results. Those who rely only on advertising may be misled and confused by the manipulated information they receive.

In a hair transplantation operation, donor area capacity is the backbone of planning. Especially if the receiving area is large, this capacity directly affects the results. The primary purpose is to give maximum density to the empty areas without damaging the donor area. Considering that the capacity of the donor and the area to be transplanted for each patient differ, the density is standardised by counting the grafts per square cm. For more detailed information, check out our “Do the hairs taken from the donor area regrow?” article.

Is it possible to transplant grafts from another person?

After all, a hair transplant operation is like an organ transplant. We transfer the patient’s own tissue to their own bald area. This is called autograft organ transplantation. For this reason, it is not possible to transplant hair with grafts taken from another person.

What is the ideal number of hair grafts per square cm?

According to The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the ideal number of hair grafts per square cm is 23-25. Here, the most important factor is to ensure that blood circulation is not impaired. An operation that is not planned and performed according to the standards may result in deteriorated blood circulation. As a result, necrosis and infection may develop and the rate of adhesion decreases.

It is not the number hair of grafts per square cm that matters, it is the viability rate

Understandably, most patients want successful and high-density results in a single session. The idea of multiple sessions can be daunting. However, as we mentioned above, planning should be done in light of scientific data. Our surgical team in FKS Clinic Istanbul and London offer an efficient plan for our patients. Using the latest and most advanced hair transplant technology, 25-40 grafts per square cm is achievable.

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