Sun and sea after hair transplant

A lot of patients chose the summer months to have the hair transplant operation. Having the surgery during the summer holiday season makes sense, but it also presents additional challenges regarding aftercare. for example, when can you swim after a hair transplant?

The first thing you should pay attention to after hair transplantation is to protect yourself from the sun, especially during the hours when the sun’s rays come at a right angle. You can wear a hat to protect your hair during those hours. From the 1st day after the operation make sure that you follow the instructions carefully for a good outcome.

When can you swim after hair transplant?

10 days after your operation the scabs that are formed on the transplanted area will fall. Technically speaking, after this period is completed you can start swimming again. After sending your 10th-day photos to the surgical team, check with the team if your recovery has gone well, and if your transplant is ready to go under seawater or pool water. This may differ from patient to patient depending on the speed of recovery and the hair transplant method. As mentioned above, the right angle of sun rays while spending time in the pool or in the sea is something to consider. Always protect your hair from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Can I use a cap while entering the sea or pool?

Before wearing a cap after hair transplantation, make sure that the scalp is completely healed and you have completed your initial 10-day recovery period.  It would be best to wear a cap that does not rub on your scalp. While sunbathing or while swimming in the pool or in the sea a hat can protect your hair.

Sauna after hair transplant

Using a sauna after the hair transplant operation requires similar conditions as swimming. First of all, make sure that the sauna is clean in order not to experience hygiene-related problems. In the first three months following a hair transplant, sauna use is not recommended.

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