Unshaven Hair Transplant


   An unshaven hair transplantation is preferred for some patients. For example, with partial hair loss in the hairline or some local empty parts of the head. The donor area is partially shaved. Hereby the remaining hair covers the shaved area. For all that, the hair in the transplant area is not cut. 

An unshaven Hair Transplantation is Often Preferred by Patients

   Deciding on hair transplantation can be difficult for some patients. They may be worried about the shaved appearance in the first days.  If shaving the hair in the donor area is not a problem, then the grafts can be collected from the back of the head by shaving only the nape. Then, the grafts are placed without cutting the hair in the transplantation area.  Another method is that if the patient’s hair is long enough, it can be shaved in the form of 1 or 2 windows in the donor area. In this way, the hair can be collected from these shaved parts. This method is particularly suitable for female hair transplantation. 

You Can Camouflage Your Shaving Area With the Existing Hairs

   Hair that is not cut camouflages the area where the grafts are collected. As a result, our patients can return to their social life very quickly. Therefore, it is important that you work with a team that does their job diligently. In the unshaven hair transplant method, washing and caring for the hair is essential. Your washing is performed 1 day after the operation. You carefully explained what you needed to do. At the same time, when you arrive the next day, the planting area is checked. Thereafter, your aftercare process is explained by the doctor. 

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Unshaven Hair Transplant?

   If you want to find out whether your operation is suitable for unshaven hair transplantation, you can get an opinion by asking for a doctor’s consultation. At FKS Clinic, the social concerns of our patients are important to us. 
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