Why Turkey is the most popular hair transplant destination

In the past decade, global health tourism has been developing rapidly. Turkey is one of the leading counties in health tourism. Well-established medical education institutions experienced healthcare professionals and affordable prices made Turkey one of the best counties for hair transplants. 

Latest techniques in Hair Transplant

Hair transplant techniques date back to the 50s. Recovery and operation are now much more comfortable with the development of graft extraction with a micro engine. Additionally, the use of the sapphire blades in the incision stage reduces the risk of complications and the time for recovery. The DHI technique which causes the most minimal damage to the grafts during the procedure delivers successful results for suitable patients. All the above-mentioned techniques are available in the FKS clinic.

Turkish doctors’ expertise

The lands where Turkey is located have hosted the oldest civilizations and scientists. There are many well-established universities in Turkey and especially the medical schools have academics with extensive knowledge and expertise. As a result, Turkish doctors and health workers have a worldwide reputation for trustworthiness. For many years, Turkish doctors have been working in the hair transplant field and leading the profession with their expertise and innovative approach. Turkey is now considered the best country for hair transplants and we are proud of this success.

Affordable prices

Turkey became an attractive destination for foreign patients due to the significant depreciation of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies. Turkey is also popular with patients because of its history, natural beauty, safety and ease of access.  You can find out more about that in our Hair Transplant in Istanbul article. 

FKS Clinic is in cooperation with the most luxurious accommodation services in central locations and VIP transport services so that our patients can focus on their operations and enjoy their travel. Owing to the fact that all these services Turkey provides are of higher quality yet more affordable than their counterparts in the U.S., E.U. and in the far east ranks Turkey as the best country for hair transplants.

Visa for Turkey

Turkey does not require visas for many foreign passports. And for those who need a visa, the e-visa application is very simple and the response is fast.

If you are after quality care at affordable prices you can book a free video consultation with one of our doctors at FKS Clinic in Istanbul.

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