Local bald areas may occur in the head and beard due to burning cases, traffic accidents, surgical scars, and minor blows. Hair transplantation can be done to these scarred and balding areas. These scars, which are psychologically disturbing and reduce self-confidence, can be camouflaged to relieve the patient. While it is impossible to completely remove these scars on the skin, closing these scars with hair transplantation will make the person very happy. We can solve your trauma and burn scars.

It is Very Important to Assess the Scarred Skin Before the Operation

The hair does not grow back in the scar tissue itself because the hair follicle has been destroyed due to the blow to this area. A scar area is unlike normal skin, so this tissue may not accept a typical hair transplant. The doctor must determine the canal depth and frequency well. In the pre-operative examination, the scarred area is examined by your doctor. The size of the area, current blood circulation, and tissue vitality are evaluated.

The Patient Should be Well Informed About the Risks Without Commercial Concerns

Transplanted hair follicles will usually begin to grow back after the area has healed. The follicles have fully adhered to the skin and have been fed from nearby blood vessels. However, the patient should be well-informed before the operation. It should be explained that there is a possibility that some of the transplanted grafts will not hold, even if it is low risk.

Just like in the standard hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area with the FUE technique. Then, our doctor opens channels in the appropriate depth and directions to the scar area, and healthy roots are transplanted into the wound area.

You Can Also Have Transplanted Hairs on Your Old FUT Scar

In addition, patients who have had hair transplantation with the FUT technique may be uncomfortable with the stitch’s scar in the donor area when they do not use long hair. Sometimes, in people with poor wound healing or patients who have had an unsuccessful FUT operation, scars that cannot be closed can be seen even if they have long hair. Successful transplantation can be done with the FUE technique on this FUT line.

You Can Consult the Doctors of the FKS Clinic, Who Have Performed Many Operations on the Scar Tissue

In hair transplant operations on scars, it may be more difficult. Because the grafts adhere to and catch the naturalness of normal hair transplants. So the doctor  operating hair transplantation on the scar should be experienced in this regard. Close follow-up and good aftercare are essential for successful hair transplantation to scar tissue.
If you are wondering whether you can transplant your scarred tissue, you can fill out the free doctor consultation form for an objective assessment from our Fks Clinic doctors.

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