The DHI Hair Transplantation


DHI abbreviation stands for ‘direct hair transplantation. In the DHI hair transplantation, unlike the standard FUE hair transplant, The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted directly to the area to be transplanted with special pens. It is done without opening canals. The needle of these pens, which have a thin, cylindrical, and sharp structure, has a recess. The hair is placed here without damaging the root.

What are the Advantages of the DHI Technique?

With the DHI technique, the duration of the hair follicles outside the tissue is short. Thus, planting is carried out healthily. As a result, hair follicles have a high survival rate. Since the incision area will be smaller, the risk of bleeding is minimized. After the operation, the person returns to his daily life in a short time with rapid recovery. In addition, it is also possible to perform an unshaven hair transplant with this technique.In the DHI hair transplantation method, grafts are collected from the neck of the person with a micromotor as in the standard Fue technique. Micromotor devises, one of the most advanced technological devices is used. With this device, half healthy hair follicles from the donor are carefully removed. Then the extracted hair follicles are placed in a unique solution. In this way, each hair follicle maintains its vitality.

In Dhi Technique, It is important to Place Grafts in Accordance with the Hair Directions

Hairline design is essential before DHI. By this design, new hair follicles are placed in the direction of natural hair growth. As a result, the natural hair structure is preserved. After the grafts are collected, local anaesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted. Thus, sowing begins. Then the grafts are planted with special DHI pens.

Team Experience is Very Important in Hair Transplantation With DHI

  The process must be carried out by experts. It is essential not to spoil the naturalness. As can be seen, with DHI, it is possible to solve the problem of hair loss due to factors such as genetics or stress. The experience of the team is essential as it will affect the result. DHI hair transplantation at FKS Clinic is successfully applied by attentive and experienced teams.  Last of all, to find out if you are suitable for the DHI hair transplantation technique, you can contact us by filling out our free doctor consultation form.
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