The area of hair loss that each man complains about can be different. It is depending on age, genetic factors and environmental factors. Hair transplantation to the crown area is one of the most common application reasons.

What is Your Priority for a Hair Transplant?

At FKS Clinic, the first question we ask the patient in our doctor-patient meetings is, ‘What is the priority area that bothers you?’. The answer to this question is crucial to presenting a plan. In relation to that that we meet the patient’s expectations.

We can simply divide the areas into three as; front, top and vertex. Hair loss usually starts from the front and progresses to the crown area. In some patients, the crown begins to open before the hairline progresses significantly. In such cases, the planning is done so that the area where the patient is most uncomfortable is the most intense.


Why Does the Crown Area Take Longer to Grow?

Hair transplantation to the frontal area has some advantages. The blood supply of the anterior scalp area. The related oxygenation-nutrition is better. Therefore, almost all of the transplanted hair grows healthy. Besides, the overlapping of the hair increases the coverage.

The crown is a region where the light falls directly on the skin’s surface. Besides, the hair angles are different. They overlap less, and the skin is more visible. In addition, the blood circulation in the crown region is less than in the anterior region. It relatively reduces the adhesion rate of the planted grafts.

In hair transplantation to the crown, depending on the hair colour, skin colour, the number of multiple grafts, and the shape of the hair (wavy, curly or straight), whether it is grey or white hair, intense results can be obtained.

The density of the crown region can be increased with a second session for patients with a very wide front-to-back opening and a limited donor area. Hair transplantation results appear in an average of one year. This period can be extended up to 18 months for the crown (vertex). This is due to the late recovery time and low blood circulation. Patients often worry about the crown when they see the result of the hairline sooner. You have to be patient about this.

Assessment of Hair Transplantation to Crown Area with Our Free Doctor Consultation

If you want to find out if you are a suitable candidate for crown hair transplantation or if you want to tighten your crown area with a second session, you can make a free video call with our doctor by applying to FKS Clinic.


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