Choosing a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey

Choosing a hair transplant surgeon in Turkey

It is now possible to undergo hair transplantation anywhere in the world. Turkey is one of the most popular locations. A combination of its favourable geographic location and successful hair transplant surgeons has contributed to Turkey’s leading position in recent years.

Choosing a clinic to have a medical procedure in another country can be challenging. To communicate your main concerns and needs you would need a translator, as well as someone to guide you through a system that operates differently than your home country. So before you go ahead and book your appointment you should know what aspects you need to pay attention to while choosing a clinic abroad.

Patients quite often make their first contact with a Hair transplant clinic on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Google searches. If you are speaking to a representative over a social media platform to get more information, it is wise to ask for the medical opinion of the hair transplant surgeon. This is especially necessary if you have any medical conditions or if you are on any medication.

During this initial contact with clinics over social media, clinic representatives will ask for your photos for suitability checks. It is important that a ‘hair transplant surgeon’ is the one who evaluates your photos.

Clinic websites and social media accounts can be good indicators of the quality of the clinic where you will have your hair transplant operation. Try and identify the surgeon who will be performing your operation and get his/her full name.

There are many well-established hair transplant clinics in Turkey. These clinics are very active on social media. And in general, they offer their services at a higher rate. However, once a clinic makes a name and becomes popular they quite often don’t have an operating doctor and only involve doctors or surgeons in the initial consultation. simply because of the fact that an operating doctor costs more. After the consultation stage, health teams or technicians take responsibility for the entire operation, including preparing the treatment plan. Depending on the volume of patients you get a dedicated team. But not having a hair transplant surgeon to run the operation with the required medical standards may result in unsuccessful outcomes and that can a high price to pay.

You should also ensure that you are able to reach a hair transplant surgeon during your post-operative recovery process. Because in hair transplants, follow-up is as important as the operation itself.

In our FKS Clinic London and Istanbul branches, all operations are performed by our doctors. They take an active role in hair transplantation together with trusted health personnel. You can check our doctors performing London and Istanbul operations on the about us page. And you can request a free consultation by filling out the enquiry form.

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