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Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a major sector in Turkey. However, like in all sectors there are good and not-so-good service providers. Cutting the cost of hair transplant treatments to attract more people might look like an attractive option for some providers. Yet, cutting corners on the cost of medical treatments can be to the detriment of the patients.

Although health tourism is a combined concept, competitive pricing prioritises tourism over health. So, patients should be aware that inadequate medical treatment can lead to very high costs and irreversible damage.

In Turkey, the cost of hair transplants varies depending on the medical supplies, the experience of the doctors, and the licensed premises. Providing luxury services and accommodation for foreign patients increases the price.

Clinical tests and medical supplies affecting the cost of hair transplant in Turkey

  • Sterile single instruments depend on the hair transplant technique.
  • Disposable micromotor tips, sterile instruments, disposable Sapphire or DHI pens, sterile drapes and containers.
  • Prescription medication that has been approved by the FDA for use both during and after surgery
  • Blood tests before the hair transplant operation
  • Shampoos and lotions with suitable ingredients for hair transplant aftercare

The clinics and the operation rooms

Operation rooms must comply with the regulations regarding sterility and good condition. A cool room and good ventilation are crucial to prevent graft damage.

The lighting in the rooms should be suitable for harvesting, and incision implantation stages where good visibility is required. The whole procedure takes about 6-8 hours, during this time the comfort of the patient and surgical team is important. All these conditions are essential for the outcome of the operation. Errors that may seem simple may affect the patient outcome. One of the significant factors contributing to the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is the high standard of clinics.

Experienced and Skilled Hair Transplant Doctor and Health Team

A large number of hair transplant operations are performed by unqualified non-doctors.   Even in some well-known clinics, there is a doctor present in the consultation however 

they do not participate in the operation at all. Patients who are researching should know that a very low price most often indicates that the operation will be without a doctor. And entrusting health care to inexperienced personnel is highly risky. So when you are looking for a hair transplant in Turkey and your main criteria is a low price you are taking some risks. 

Your graft capacity is finite. Unqualified and inexperienced medical teams can cause you to lose that precious reserve irreversibly. Besides, it will be more costly to attempt to fix it.

Our doctors at FKS Clinic, are performing the whole procedure themselves and they are highly experienced. Because our patients’ health is our top priority.

Hotel and Transfer Services for Patients Coming from Abroad

It can be stressful to seek medical treatment abroad. Safety and privacy are some of our top priorities. We are fully aware that a hair transplantation operation is about self-confidence. It is for many people a dream come true. So it is our pleasure to offer VIP services to our patients for this experience.

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