Hair transplant before and after photos


The process of deciding to have a hair transplant may not be so easy for every patient. Understandably, most patients want a good idea about what they will encounter after the procedure. For this purpose, before and after hair transplant photos are beneficial.

Frequently asked questions about hair transplants include: Which is the best technique? After how many months will the result be visible? How is the recovery process in hair transplantation? These questions can also be answered with the help of before and after photos.

There is no one type of hair loss for every patient. Norwood Scale is a frequently used guide to standardise it. But this classification is mostly for male pattern hair loss. There are many different types of female hair loss, and they vary from person to person. This is because the underlying causes of female hair loss are more diverse. For female hair loss causes and treatment options please read our “Female Hair Transplant” article.

Before and after photos help patients make a decision

It is a common practice for hair transplant clinics to share before and after pictures of their patients on their websites and social media. As a result, patients are able to make more informed decisions. 

However, some of the ‘hair transplant before and after photos’ can be misleading. These misleading photos can cause unrealistic expectations.

There are a few important points to consider and take into account when comparing hair transplant before and after photos;

  •  Donor capacity
  • The width of the area to be planted
  • Graft quality
  • Hair and skin colour and type
  • The patient’s age
  • Any diseases

FKS Clinic's approach

To assist our patients with their decision-making process, FKS Clinic shows appropriate before and after hair transplant photos during consultations. This approach builds a trusting relationship between this patient and the clinic. 

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