The number of people who have Gray and White Hair is not small. Most of the patients who apply for hair transplantation are over 40 years old. These patients may have regional or all grey hair. Concerned about how to deal with this grey hair, they apply to the FKS Clinic. ‘Can white hair be transplanted?’, ‘Will the transplanted white hair turn white again?’ Let’s talk about the process.

Graft Removal with Fue Technique in Gray and White Hair Patients


  In the FUE Technique, hair follicles are taken with a micromotor. In this process, maximum grafts are handled according to the patient’s needs. At FKS Clinic, it is among our priorities to have a healthy image in the donor area after the procedure. After inexperienced people perform the Fue stage, cavities may occur in your donor area.

In the FUE process, we use the hairs on the nape and above the ears. Men’s hair usually starts to turn white from this area. Care should be taken while distributing these hairs to the site to be transplanted. You can have natural and beautiful hair with experienced hair transplant doctors.

  Your grey hair may be present in all regions.  It is incorrect to separate the hair taken after FUE as grey and black.  Mixing them gives the most natural and satisfying results.  In such patients, only black hairs should not be tried to be removed.  This reduces the number of grafts that can be taken and will not look natural.  In patients who only want to transplant to the front area and have a low graft number, If the hair in the front area is black, it will be correct to take most black hair in the Fue purchase. This careful planning can only be achieved with an experienced and knowledgeable team.

Our Doctors Says

  Doctor Gizem Yarimbas, who receives frequent questions about grey and white hair in her consultations, tells us about her experiences: “Do not forget that the current colour of the hair graft taken with Fue does not change in the place where it is planted. If it is white, it will stay white. Or the hair transplanted as black will turn white when the time comes. It is advantageous for naturalness. We are not afraid of white hair in hair transplantation.

On the contrary, they are both strong and do not contrast with skin colour.  Thus, they look much thicker and more natural. In some patients, almost all of the hair in the anterior region is black.  In such cases, we try to achieve the most natural result. We balance the black-and-white colour distribution.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Hair Transplant?

  After hair transplantation, your skin and transplanted grafts need approximately six months of recovery time. You can get through this process very easily by taking simple precautions. Hair dyes are chemical products.  Therefore, we recommend not dyeing your hair, especially for the first six months. There is no harm in dyeing hair after the 6th month.

  Gray and white hair transplantation, you may have other questions.  For this, you can fill out the doctor consultation form. So you can get detailed information from FKS Clinic.

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