Going back to work after hair transplant

Work and other commitments are some of the most important factors to consider when deciding to have a hair transplant. Usually, patients schedule their procedure to coincide with their annual leave or when their schedule is less hectic. Almost everyone wants to go back to their commitments as soon as possible. 

A hair transplant has two parts: the procedure and the healing process. You can plan your life around a hair transplant if you are aware of these two different processes.

How many days do I need to take off for a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a one-day procedure. Depending on the patient and the graft number it takes approximately 5-8 hours. It is preferable that the patients travelling from abroad check in at their hotel the day before the operation. A good night’s sleep and a light breakfast help the operation run smoothly.

The day after the operation is the check-up and wash day. Some patients might be advised to wash on the second day by their doctor. The hair transplant procedure is completed after the general check-up. Afterwards, the patient will receive periodic checks to ensure that everything is going well for the 1st year. With a few precautions, patients who work from home or who can limit their work hours can return to work after a hair transplant.

What is the recovery time after surgery?

Some patients may experience swelling around the eye area after surgery for 4-5 days. To reduce the oedema FKS Clinic doctors will provide you with anti-swelling tablets. Hair transplant patients wear a black headband for the first 4 days after the surgery to prevent oedema from moving down to the face. Patients are instructed to avoid bending over during the recovery period. Strenuous physical activity and salt intake should be reduced. It is crucially important to protect the transplanted area and not to have any touch or contact to the site. Due to this, we do recommend patients take 5 days off work after a hair transplant. If the patient feels fit and well after the first 5 days, they can go back to work after the hair transplant operation.

What is the best time to go back to work after a hair transplant?

The first 10 days are crucial for the grafts to settle in. During this period the patients wash their hair once a day, every day as instructed. By the end of the 10th day, all the scabs will fall. The look of the scabs may cause the patient to feel self-conscious in social settings. Some patients may find the work or office environment uncomfortable in these 10 days. For those patients, it would be best to go back to work 10 days after the hair transplant. The Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques applied by the FKS Clinic surgeons cause minimum trauma to the scalp. As a result, the recovery period is much easier and patients can return to work after a hair transplant as soon as possible.  

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