Grass head man appearance after hair transplant

The infamous look of a grass head man is every hair transplant candidate’s nightmare. But if you are in good hands you should not worry about this. Because the appearance of a grass head man occurs only if the grafts are not implanted at the right angle. A proper incision technique is very important in hair transplantation. Only qualified and skilled doctors should perform this procedure.

Natural hairline design is important for the success of hair transplantation

Doctors determine the angles of the incision according to the direction of existing hair. In this way, the natural look is preserved. Incision at a 90-degree right angle to the scalp and placing thick and multiple grafts in the very first frontal area creates an unattractive and artificial appearance. This appearance causes the patient’s stress and disappointment. It is also very difficult to fix.

Grass head man effect may be reversible

At FKS Clinic, we receive many patients who are unhappy with their previous hair transplant and want a corrective hair transplant. Our doctors always try to offer the best possible solution to patients who had a grass head man look after an unsatisfactory hair transplant. Depending on the shape and position of the hairline, two different ways can be followed to correct the grass head man appearance. The first way is to design a new hairline by following the correct technique. Single hair grafts more suitable for the frontal line are placed in front of old transplanted hair. If the hairline is too low and there is not enough space, the other way is to remove the hairs that create the grass head man look with a micromotor. And to appropriately implant the new grafts at a right angle

Correcting the grass head man appearance requires an experienced doctor. We are happy to help patients who have previously had bad results. Please fill out our enquiry form to book a free consultation

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