DHI Technique Hair transplant

Patients are now more informed than ever with access to detailed information on social media about hair transplant techniques. Most of the time an informed patient makes the pre and post-operative processes much easier to manage. However, if the patient doesn’t have the right information, this may negatively impact the communication between the patient and the doctor. DHI is one of the hair transplant techniques that patients frequently enquire about and doctors often choose.DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. As the name indicates, grafts are directly transplanted under the scalp with a special tool called Choi Pen. In contrast to the Standard FUE and Sapphire FUE, there is no incision stage in DHI. For the harvesting stage, the same FUE technique is used in DHI. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a graft harvesting technique whereas DHI is a transplantation technique. You can find out more about FUE in the FUE Hair Transplant page.In DHI transplant technique the initial stage is FUE harvesting. The harvested grafts are contained in a special solution. Then with the help of a thin and pointed implander pen the grafts are implanted under the skin. Owing to the fact that there is no additional incision stage with sharp devices the recovery is faster.

What are the advantages of the DHI technique?

  • It allows hair transplant without shaving the rest of the hairs which is favourable by the patients in terms of their social life.
  • Since the grafts don’t remain outside the skin for a long period, their vitality remains intact.
  • For the patients with a less advanced hair loss DHI is less damaging for the existing grafts.
  • It is easier to implant in the direction of the natural hairs in areas with existing hair.
  • By creating fine channels, the pen allows for more accurate and dense implantation.
  • Since there is no contact with the roots, the Choi pen doesn’t damage the grafts.

What are the disadvantages of DHI technique

DHI technique is generally advantageous except for the following factors:

  • Choi pens are costly.
  • Specially trained teams can be costly.
  • Results are significantly dependent on the expertise of the team.
  • The procedure takes longer

Patients may not prefer DHI for the above reasons. After conducting an assessment, our experts will offer you a plan with the techniques most suitable for your needs. If you think you need a hair transplant and have more information on techniques that might be suitable for you, fill out the consultation form and get in touch with our doctors.

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