Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair loss can affect life quality dramatically, but there is no need to despair. Thanks to the recent developments in medicine and technology, today hair restoration surgery provides natural and satisfactory results.

Men and women all over the world suffer from hair loss, regardless of the geography they live in. Hair loss is more common in men and the main causes of male-type hair loss are genetic inheritance and hormones. In women, vitamin-mineral deficiencies and menopause are the most prominent causes.

Understanding patient's expectations is a priority

Researched and informed hair transplant candidates should have a clear understanding of their hair loss problem and what to extend from a hair transplant. During the consultations and planning, FKS Clinic doctors manage the expectations of the patient in an objective manner.

How should I choose a hair restoration clinic?

Hair transplant candidates should do their research well when it comes to choosing the right clinic. Turkey is the leading country in this regard with its expertise, geographical advantages and affordability. For more insight, you can read our article about hair transplants in Turkey.

Quality and Experience of Turkish Doctors in London

FKS Clinic is based in London and Istanbul providing the same quality service. Our Turkish doctors, who are renowned for their successes, operate in both of our clinics. This allows our patients who underwent hair restoration operations in Istanbul to continue their follow-up at our London clinic. If you want to get information about hair restoration, you can fill out our application form here.

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