Things to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic

Hair transplant operations are in demand by people of all ages and all backgrounds. In order to meet this demand, thousands of hair transplant clinics provide services in Turkey and around the world. Let’s look at the main points you should consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic.

Turkey is one of the countries that have the most significant number of hair transplant clinics in the world.

Everyone knows about Turkey’s popularity and reputation in the hair transplant field. Turkish doctors and healthcare professionals have been working in this field for many years and they continue to develop and pass on their knowledge and experience.  This exchange of experience and knowledge has carried the hair transplant clinics in Turkey to the top. For more information, read our article Why Turkey is the most popular hair transplant destination?

Make sure you choose a clinic with all the necessary credentials

Being spoiled for choice for hair transplant clinics in Turkey is advantageous but it also increases the risk of poor results that may be irreversible. The level of service and quality offered by each clinic varies. Not all hair transplant clinics have the same expertise or success rate.  In order to avoid taking a chance with your hair transplant operation, you should check a few important aspects.

Make sure your operation is performed by a doctor

A hair transplant is considered a minor operation but ultimately, it is a surgical operation and it has to be done by a surgeon. It is important that the surgeon is properly informed about the patient’s medical history, e.g. any chronic diseases or any medication. In addition to that, a doctor must prescribe the medication necessary for aftercare. You should seek the advice of a qualified doctor to prevent possible complications and to intervene in a timely and appropriate manner.

In hair transplantation, it is crucially important to avoid damage to living tissue, protect blood circulation, and reduce the risk of infection. These are the main factors that affect the success of a hair transplant, and it is the doctor’s job to handle these factors. Doctors follow ethical principles to make medical recommendations. Also, before choosing your ‘Hair transplant clinic’ make sure that the clinic provides post-operative check-up.

You shouldn't base your decision on price alone

There is an old proverb that says, ‘I am not rich enough to buy cheap goods’. Making a decision about medical treatment is more than just about prices. Not doing your research well and basing your decision on price can cost you money and time. An error can cost you 10-12 months of waiting for corrective surgery. Most importantly, the grafts in your donor area are irreplaceable and you can’t afford to waste them.

Do your research well about the hair transplant clinic and the operating doctor

To avoid any surprises on the day of the operation find out the name of the operating doctor. Make sure that the doctor isn’t only supervising or only present in the consultation, performing the surgery for him or herself. 

In FKS Clinic London and Istanbul, all our operations are performed by doctors. We make sure that we inform our patients regarding which doctor will perform their operation. Our doctors carefully consider patients’ medical histories and the medications that they are currently on. FKS doctors are hands-on thought about the procedure. You will feel this professionalism and care in FKS Clinic at every stage of your operation.

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