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After the hair transplant operation, patients worry about some issues. The most important of these is how they should wash their hair. FKS Clinic does the first post-operative hair wash. We show you the steps you need to follow in detail. Besides we give you in writing what you need to pay attention to. We will explain the ‘How Should I wash my Hair’ issue more clearly.Let’s talk in this article about what you need to pay attention to washing hair after hair transplantation;

The Content of The Foam and Shampoo Should Be for Hair Transplantation

The bandage on your donor area is removed on the first day of your hair wash.  When you come to FKS Clinic, Before washing, foam is sprayed on the planted area.  This foam softens the blood and tissues that dry up after transplantation.  Washing products should not contain intense chemical products.  Your natural foam and shampoo will be given to you by FKS Clinic.

Be Kind to Your Newly Transplanted Grafts

The foam should remain on the transplanted grafts for approximately 60 minutes.  After hair transplantation, this foam is gently cleaned with water.  Hair is washed with shampoo.  The water in the wash should not be too hot and pressurized.  The shampoo is rinsed off without scratching or rubbing hard in the first days.

You Can Use a Towel and Blow Dryer After Hair Transplant

After washing after hair transplantation, you can dry it with a towel and blow dryer.  You should use a paper towel or a clean and soft towel.  And then you can just gently dry the water on it.  You can use the cold part of the hair dryer.  You can dry your hair for a short time from a distance of 30-40 cm.  The first days when the grafts try to attach to the tissue are crucial.  You should be sensitive to the planting area.

The most important points you should pay attention to when washing after hair transplantation are;

  • Pressure and rubbing should not be applied to the area where the grafts are transplanted.
  • You should not use your nails while washing your hair.
  • The water should not be hot and pressurized.
  • You should not dry it hard with a towel.
  • The lotion and shampoo you will use should not contain intense chemicals.
At FKS Clinic, we wish you to spend the aftercare period after the hair transplant operation in the most comfortable way…
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