Hairline Design

Hairline Design

The most important subject we try to clarify is the hairline design in our pre-operative consultation with our patients. This design is the physician’s signature created by their art and experience.

So what is a bad hairline?

Suppose you can’t take your eyes off the hairline and try not to get caught while talking to that person; YES! You are facing a failed hair transplant.

Aesthetic Success is to Catch the Natural

Today, our expectation from aesthetic procedures is to look much younger and more beautiful. Our patients often show us their youthful photos from years ago. They try to say what hairline they want. In such cases, we remind my patients of the following sentence. ‘Success in hair transplantation is not taking the person to the hairline of 10 years ago. The important thing is that it is natural and age-appropriate.

After the twenties, the hairline begins to regress in most people. This gives the person an intellectual appearance with ageing. The balding area above typical causes an uncomfortable and aged appearance. While designing the new hairline, we aim for long-term results that will make our patients happy. We create the most satisfactory outcome for you in our clinic.

Is it Straight or Curved?

Another essential issue in hair transplantation is personal taste. The front-line design evaluates the patient’s head shape, forehead muscles and age. Thus, a unique line is created. For those in their forties and beyond, a slightly curved shape is our recommendation for a natural result. Patients may want a more assertive and straight line. We show patient results similar to theirs and create the final version. At this stage, trust in the physician and healthy communication are crucial.

Imitation of Nature

Imitating the natural hairline is one of the most critical issues for us. We place irregular zigzags and single thin grafts in the front row. After the hairline is created, setting the grafts in rows should be avoided.

As experienced physicians of the FKS Clinic with high aesthetic perception, our motivation is to send off our patients with a smile on their faces with proper communication.


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