Our hair can become thinner as we age. It is a law of nature to spill some of it. In some men, this hair loss is regional. In others, it spreads from front to back. Before considering a hair transplant operation, slowing down this loss rate with some medical treatments can save you time. However, if there are visible gaps, it is time for hair transplantation.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

One of the most important causes of male pattern hair loss is genetics. It tends to create large empty spaces from front to back. We question the patient’s family history. Androgen hormone receptors cause this hair loss in hair follicles. Baldness can start even in the 20s. This makes the person look old and causes a loss of self-confidence.


Another reason for hair loss is ageing. This condition is inevitable in all people; only the amount is different. After the age of 30, the number of multiple grafts begins to decrease, and thickness begins to thin; As a result, your hair looks thinner.


Lifestyle also affects our hair. Unconscious diets, stress, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies; can cause intense hair loss in a short time.

Some Diseases and Deficiencies

You may need to be examined by a dermatologist and internist to prevent hair loss due to thyroid diseases, anaemia, zinc deficiency and autoimmune diseases. Our doctors will also evaluate your results. And Our Doctors will give you detailed information about Hair Loss.

Skin Diseases

Some skin diseases can cause regional hair loss. In this case, after your dermatological treatment is completed, you have the chance to have a hair transplant under appropriate conditions.

Under the Right Conditions, At the Right Time!

In Fks Clinic, Dr Sakir Akdemir and our other doctors support completing your treatment first. Your health comes first in FKS Clinic, which professional physicians manage. After your medical treatment is completed, we plan your hair transplant so that you will get the best results at the right time. As a result, your time and money are not wasted.

Experienced Doctors Should do your Plan for Hair Loss Due to Health Problems

At Fks Clinic, we have experienced physicians who can evaluate all these situations correctly. They will make the most suitable planning for you. It is our priority to send you off with a smiling face.

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