Hair transplantation using beard hair

Patients with a large balding area but a weak donor area often ask if the hairs from the beard could be utilised in increasing hair density on the head. To answer that question we need to assess the donor capacity of our patients in a face-to-face consultation. In order to cover a large balding area we need to harvest a maximum number of grafts. Our team will seek ways to increase the number of grafts if the bald area is too large or the donor area has too few grafts. So if it is needed, it is possible to transplant grafts from the beard to the head.

What makes a beard a good alternative as a donor area is the graft quality. Graft quality is important when it comes to creating a dense result.

You need an experienced doctor for a beard to the hair transplant

In most cases, patients have sufficient donor areas for hair transplantation. But if it is necessary to extract from the beard, there are a few points to consider, such as preventing visible scars in the facial area and choosing the hairs. 

We use micro sapphire blades for minimal scarring. In terms of choosing the hair, it is important to avoid long and strong beard hairs in order not to spoil the natural look of the frontal hairline. Therefore, it should be preferred to put these hairs on the areas towards the back.

What are the results of the hair transplant from beard to head?

In FKS Clinic, Dr. Kuddusi Onay recommends mixing the grafts taken from the beard and back of the head. During the implantation, he recommends placing them on the top and crown area. By this way, the result will be natural as well as high in density.  Also, studies show that the hairs taken from the beard and chest hairs begin to adapt to the hair structure in the planted area over the years.

Consult FKS Clinic for your assessment

Patients who have a weak donor area do not need to despair. Harvesting grafts from the beard area is a great alternative. Fill out our enquiry form and let’s find out if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant from beard to head.

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