Benefits of taking Biotin for hair after transplant

Biotin for hair works like fertiliser in nourishing hair. It is beneficial during the shock loss period. Although it is recommended to use Biotin which is known for its benefits on hair after a transplant operation, it is not a must. Your doctor will advise you if you need to take Biotin regularly. Hair transplant experts recommend Biotin be used a minimum of 6 months after the operation.

The trauma on the scalp caused by the hair transplant procedure doesn’t damage the hair follicles but changes the hair growth phase and leads to shock loss. 

Daily intake of 2-5mg Biotin after hair transplant helps with the following:

  • Reduces the effects of shock loss and speeds up regrowth.
  • Thickens the diameter of hair strands and helps the denser look both in the transplanted and donor areas. 
  • Owing to its effects on cell growth it makes the hair grow healthier and helps with controlling hair loss.

Additional support for your transplanted hair

You can also support hair growth after a hair transplant with growth serums, oils and applying a derma roller. Spray serum is sprayed daily before bed on the transplanted area. You can wash it off in the morning. The oil is used for the scalp with gentle massage. After applying the oil, run the derma roller on your scalp in multiple directions. Press the derma roller down until you feel the pressure but not pain. 

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